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Aura Silk Blouse : 05

Aura Silk Blouse : 05

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A dreamy top for effortless summer days. 

The Aura was named after Goddess Aura, a deity that represents the gentle breeze of early mornings.

Let the wide neckline drape gracefully off one shoulder, while the elasticised waistband and sleeves create a puff look, reminiscent of clouds drifting in a Summer sky.

The waistband usually sits at the natural waist/belly button. However you can hitch it up under your bra for a more crop look. Or pull it down to around the hips for more coverage. 

Make it a set by adding the Aura Wrap Skirt...

* * * 


COLOUR: patchwork - earthy tone florals + brown & beige paisley

FABRIC: vintage silk crepe de chine

SIZE GUIDE: S/M (8, 10, 12)

WAIST = 45" / 110cm circumference - with elastic fully stretched.

LENGTH = 18" / 45cm from shoulder to waist. 

WIDTH = 38" / 70cm from sleeve to sleeve.


The Aura tops in SILK are all one-of-a-kind

Each on is crafted from our curation of beautiful vintage silk saris. I have made these in a mix of sizes. The elasticised waistband makes it a somewhat free size. I can also alter it to make it smaller if required, but can't make it larger. 


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